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Bradley Pitsch has been in construction for over a decade. He is a multi-business owner and has a natural propensity for developing and growing companies as he has done with Diamondback Carports. He has a background in computer science but a main love for psychology. Bradley is the leader of our Installations department and oversees planning and development team.



Rachel Pitsch has been with Diamondback Carports since 2002 and has a background in construction administration since 1995. She along with Bradley Pitsch purchased Diamondback Carports in 2011 and have developed the company into a thriving steel construction company. Rachel oversees office operations and accounting for all installation divisions.


Repair A/P, A/R/HR department​

Flerida Brito has been with Diamondback Carports for since 2018 and has extensive experience in warehouse management. She has a degree in fashion and is owner operator of Hart Creations. Flerida is office manager, A/P, A/R for repairs as well as human resources for over 25 associates.


Misc. Metals superintendent

Justin Porter has been with Diamondback Carports since 2000 and has a wide range of steel knowledge and skill set. He is responsible for large Misc. Metal construction projects, the day-to-day operations on the construction site and control the short-term schedule. He oversees important quality control and subcontractor coordination and logistics.


Project Manager Superintendent

Guy Jusinskas has been with Diamondback Carports since 2016 and has an extensive background in project management with over 25 years of experience. Guy’s is the install division project manager and coordinator.



Matt Holloway is a native to Arizona and has been in the construction industry for over 44 years. He has an extensive background on large projects management and completion. He oversees all the design aspects of all Misc Metals Projects

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