Repair or Replace

Diamondback can maintain, repair or replace your fence and gates to help you keep your property safe and trouble free to meet county and city regulations.

Services include:

  • Repair or replacement of rusted out or damaged gates
  • Kant Slams
  • Other closers
  • Adjustable j-bolt hinges
  • Installation of lock box pins to minimize forced entry
  • Other gate modifications

In house maintenance tips:

  1. Regular monthly application of a lightweight oil (3 in 1 not WD 40) to hinges will minimize wear and allow for smooth gate operation.
  2. Maintaining hydraulic fluid levels in your Kant Slam closer will extend the life span of the closer.
  3. Surface rust can be removed and minimized by wire brushing and/or scraping and the regular application of a good quality oil base paint. This will extend the life of your fence and reduce repair costs.